Podcast in Place

A series about life in Alaska during the Covid-19 pandemic. Featuring interviews and conversations with doctors, teachers, business owners, students and many more about how their lives have changed during this historic time.

1. Ormund

2. Daisy

3. Quinn

4. Cornilius

5. Ryan

6. AJ

7. Ryan’s Escape To New York

8. Logan

9. Danielle

10. Tasha

11. Back to Work with Daisy’s Mom

12. An Interview with Dr. Anne Zink

13. California To Alaska

14. Re-Opening School with Joe Zawodny

15. Mask Mission AK

16. Michael Martinez

17. Teaching Remotely with Jeremy Blake

18. Quinn Goes to L.A.

19. Opening a Restaurant in a Pandemic

20. Essential Worker Colten Hester

21. Danielle Had Covid

22. Bear Tooth Theatrepub

23. Six Months In

24. Check-in with Dr. Zink

25. Working During a Pandemic

26. Marty Lang, ASD Directory of Secondary Education

27. Contact Tracing with Annie Thomas

28. Mr. Kimp’s Music Class

29. Tonei Glavinic

30. Classic Toys

31. Danny Mindlin, ER Doctor

32. Stationed in Korea

33. Dr. Zink on the Vaccine

34. Sean Schubert, Guidance Counselor

35. Reporting on the Coronavirus with ADN’s Michelle Theriault Boots and Zaz Hollander

36. School Counselor Cycelia McMorris

37. Anchorage Senior Activity Center

38. A Unique Covid Reaction

39. Back in the Classroom with Ms. Porter

40. ASD Returns to School

41. Rush Hour

42. Covid in Costa Rica

43. Youth and the Vaccine with Dr. Zink

44. Vaccinator Tina DeLapp

45. Clinical Pharmacist Coleman Cutchins

46. Filmmaker Lanie Zipoy

47. New Semester, Same Pandemic

48. Dr. Anne Zink on Delta, Break-Through Cases, and Booster Shots

49. Homeless in a Pandemic

50. Dr. Andy Elsberg

51. Three Generations of Vaccinations

52. Maps and the Pandemic

53. Nurse Manager Joshua Meals

54. Flight Attendant Sierra Fischer

55. Clinical Pharmacist Coleman Cutchins on Omicron

56. Vaccine Hesitancy with Rupali Limaye

57. The 1918 Flu Pandemic

58. Dr. Anne Zink on Learning to Live with Covid

59. ANTHC’s Jackie Schaeffer

60. Suicide Prevention with Leah Van Kirk

61. Syndromic Surveillance

62. Vaccines for Kids as Young as 6 Months Old

63. Long Covid with Dr. Jeff Demain

64. Long Covid in Schools

65. Monkeypox

66. Dr. Anne Zink on What’s Next For Covid

67. Dr. Lisa Rabinowitz on the Tripledemic