ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter, who is now a sophomore at UAA, attended the film, audio, and video production class at King Technical High school a few years ago. It’s where she learned a lot of the skills that she’s brought to her work here at ATMI.

But this year, that course is much different than when she was there. Due to the coronavirus hitting this spring, classes had to switch to an online format. It’s one thing to learn math or history over Zoom, but a hands-on craft like filmmaking isn’t as easy to learn remotely.

So Daisy called up her former teacher, Jeremy Blake, who is entering his third year teaching the course. They spoke about the adjustments he had to make in switching to online learning, how the pandemic has affected students’ lives and education, and how the film industry is trying to work safely. They spoke over Zoom on July 29th, 2020.

Hosted by Riley Taylor.

Music by Devin Shreckengost.



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