In this episode we’re looking back on an aspect of Alaska’s history that isn’t often revisited, but lives on in the hearts of many who grew up here: TV commercials.

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Kira Buckland is a voice actor whose work mainly includes characters in English-dubbed Japanese anime, cartoons, and video games. She has over 300 voice credits including the anime television series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and role-playing video game Genshin Impact.

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Hosts: Roey McCowan, Jordan Kehl Full Show Dr. Danny Mindlin Interview ATMI senior producer Kendrick Whiteman speaks with Dr. Danny Mindlin, an emergency physician at Providence Medical Center. He talks about the new normal the hospital is adjusting to in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. (Full interview here) Voice Actor Kira Buckland ATMI producer […]

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation company responsible for some of the most renowned and beloved animated films of all time. Founded in 1985, it has produced hand-drawn animated classics like “Spirited Away,” “Princess Mononoke,”  “Grave of the Fireflies,” and many more. This year, many of the films from the studio’s co-founder Hayao Miyasaki are […]

The U.S. national emergency to respond to Covid-19 officially ended on April 10, 2023. A separate national health emergency related to the virus is set to expire on May 11th. So with the pandemic coming to a close, we’ve decided to wind down this podcast series. We just have a few stories left to share before we go.

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Hosts: Maria Koop and Roey McCowan Events: Ahman Greer It’s been just over three years since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 to be a global pandemic and we all went into lockdown. As ATMI staff and producers began working from home, we started a podcast series to document life during the pandemic: Podcast in […]

Spend a month on a research vessel Bring your multimedia skills onboard the R/V Sikuliaq. A seafaring project funded by the National Science Foundation is looking for a youth media intern to sail from Nome to Dutch Harbor from August 6 to September 4. On board, the project scientists will take sediment cores from the […]

Hosts: Roey McCowan, Maria Koop Full Show Interview with Wesley Early, Reporter for Alaska Public Media ATMI producer Kendrick Whiteman (pictured above, left) interviews Wesley Early (right), a reporter for Alaska Public Media about news media literacy. The discussion was part of a presentation at a 9th grade English class at West Anchorage High School. […]

The sci-fi action movie “Slash/Back” tells the story of a group of teenage Inuit girls living in the community of Pang near the Arctic Circle in Canada. When an alien invasion threatens their town, it’s up to the girls to take them on.

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Glass Onion is a whodunnit murder mystery starring Daniel Craig as world famous detective, Benoit Blanc. It’s a sequel (sort of) to the 2019 whodunnit murder mystery Knives Out, where Blanc is tasked with looking into the death of a famous author. In Glass Onion, Benoit Blanc ends up on a private island in Greece […]