We’ve talked a lot about remote schooling on this podcast and how difficult it can be for teachers and students. But one thing we haven’t really covered is how all this isolation affects youth, and how school mental health resources are trying to meet those needs. In this episode, we hear from Cycelia McMorris, a […]

Alaska’s journalists have been reporting non-stop throughout the pandemic, contextualizing case numbers and sharing Alaskans’ personal experiences with the virus. In this episode, we hear from Michelle Theriault Boots and Zaz Hollander, reporters at the Anchorage Daily News who focus on Alaskan health coverage. They spoke with ATMI senior producer Quinn White about covering COVID-19 […]

Sean Schubert is part of the workforce development team at King Technical High School in Anchorage. As Schubert describes it, he helps young men and women to take that next step in high school into whatever awaits them, whether that be college, trade school, the military, or a job. But with the pandemic causing schools […]

Now that Alaskans are starting to get the coronavirus vaccine, ATMI producer Danielle DuClos checked back in with Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer. In this extended interview Dr. Zink talks about getting the vaccine herself, the various side effects people can have from it, health and safety precautions moving forward, and the role […]

A few days before Thanksgiving 2019, Patrick Walker enlisted in the army. Shortly after basic training, a global pandemic began sweeping across the world. Currently Patrick is a combat medic, stationed in South Korea. ATMI producer, and friend since high school, Ryan Danigole spoke with Patrick to talk about how the coronavirus precautions in the […]

Our monthly radio show kicks off the new year with some highlights from “Podcast in Place: Youth Stories From Quarantine,” an interview with the CEO of Bean’s Cafe, an interview with the owners of a local hair salon, and a collection of stories of good news from a year full of very not-so-good news. Hosts: […]

Danny Mindilin is an ER doctor working at the Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. He has been on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, treating patients hospitalized with Covid-19. ATMI senior producer Quinn White spoke with Danny about what it was like in the early days of the pandemic, how they are dealing with […]

Ed Dodd and his wife purchased Classic Toys in 1998 from its original owners. It has been longstanding local business in the community that has seen generations of customers come through its doors. Normally the holiday shopping season would be its most profitable time of the year. But when you add in a pandemic and […]

Tonei Glavinic was a member of ATMI from 2006 to 2008. Currently they live in Mexico City. After a recent trip to Washington D.C., Tonei started to feel sick. They got tested and sure enough, they had contracted Covid-19. ATMI senior producer Sam Bernitz spoke with Tonei on November 24th, 2020, to hear about their […]

Danyelle Kimp is a music teacher at Russian Jack Elementary and this year he’s tasked with the difficult challenge of teaching young students virtually. ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter spoke with him about the challenges of online learning, dealing with the constantly changing plans to return to in-person classes, and the positive impacts music has […]