Alice Qannik Glenn is an Inupiaq woman and podcaster from Utqiagvic, Alaska. Among her many projects, she is the host and producer for Coffee and Quaq, a series exploring the collective experience of contemporary Native life in urban Alaska.  She also serves as host and producer for Resolve, a series about missing and murdered Indigenous […]

Hosts: Quinn White and Tyler Felson Full Episode The 1918 Flu Pandemic ATMI senior producer Quinn White speaks with Alaska historian David Reamer about the 1918 flu pandemic and its effects on Alaska. Vaccine Hesitancy with Rupali Limaye ATMI producer Zinn Rogers speaks with Rupali Limaye about vaccine hesitancy. Limaye is an associate scientist with […]

Cover art photo provided by Alaska State Library, Harry & Carrie Dott Photo Collection, ASL-P593-009.

For two years now, we’ve been living through the Covid-19 pandemic. A century ago the world was consumed by another deadly virus, commonly known as The Spanish Influenza.

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Ruplai Limaye is an associate scientist in the departments of international health, epidemiology, and health behavior in society at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She primarily studies vaccine behaviors and has been researching vaccine hesitancy for over eight years.  ATMI producer Zinn Rogers spoke with Limaye about her research, including how to […]

Back in 1999, American pop culture was forever changed with the release of The Matrix. Since then countless references to the movie have been made in other films, TV shows, and day-to-day conversations. The two sequels that came out in 2003 were less impactful, but didn’t disrupt The Matrix’s influence. Now, almost twenty years later, […]

This January, Alaska saw its highest spike in Covid cases due to the Omicron variant. Testing facilities were overwhelmed and hospitals remained strained. To learn more about Omicron, ATMI producer Grady Cutchins sought out a clinical pharmacist. And he didn’t have to go far. His father, Coleman Cutchins, is a board-certified clinical pharmacist working with […]

Sierra Fischer has been a flight attendant for a major airline for nine years. So she was working when Covid-19 first hit the United States. ATMI producer Madison Knutson spoke with Fischer about her experiences as a flight attendant during the pandemic, working with noncompliant passengers, and the recent holiday travel season that had thousands […]

For our February radio show we have three Covid-related interviews, a movie review, and a peak at some upcoming events.

Hosts: Madison Knutson and Forrest Rodgers

Events: Jack Robbins

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Joshua Meals is a clinical nurse manager at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. He oversees an acute care nursing floor with a staff of over 60 nurses. While they don’t treat patients with Covid, they still feel the ripple effects of how the pandemic disrupts the hospital. ATMI producer Ada Bjorkman spoke with Meals […]

Maps are a fundamental part of our daily lives. From GPS apps, to tracking the weather, to keeping up with the spread of Covid-19 around the world. So for this episode we’re going to talk about cartography and how it is deeply entwined with our lives and our history. Our guest is John Cloud, a […]