We have a slew of terrific interviews for our August episode of In Other News.

Hosted by Quinn White.

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Re-Opening School with Joe Zawodny (Radio Edit)

ATMI senior producer Quinn White spoke with Joe Zawodny, a director with the Anchorage School District about re-opening schools during a pandemic. The interview was conducted on July 16th, about a week prior to ASD deciding to start the semester with online classes.

Re-Opening School with Joe Zawodny (Full Interview)

Mask Mission AK (Radio Edit)

ATMI senior producer Quinn White spoke with Sharon Kim and Caitlin Omey, two West High School students leading the youth organization Mask Mission AK, about their work to provide protective cloth masks to the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Martinez (Radio Edit)

ATMI producer Ryan Danigole spoke with UAA student Michael Martinez about the Covid-related work he’s doing at the AIMS facility.

Gerardo and Carlos Arias – Alumni of Anchorage Christian Schools (Radio Edit)

Over 120 Black, Indigenous, People of Color students from Anchorage Christian Schools have spoken out about decades of racial discrimination while attending school there, and at its parent organization, Anchorage Baptist Temple. ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter spoke with two alumni from the school, brothers Gerardo and Carlos Arias about what they experienced there back in the early 2000’s.

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