For this episode we’re talking about News Media Literacy. A group of our youth producers got together on Zoom for a roundtable discussion to talk about the importance of healthy news consumption in this day and age. 

They discuss how they determine if the news they are reading is trustworthy, the dangers of mis and disinformation, and how to talk with friends and family members about spreading articles that could maybe use a little scrutiny. 

Roundtable discussion led by Quinn White.

Hosted by AJ Yambao.

Music by Kendrick Whiteman and Devin Shreckengost.


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Alaska Teen Media Institute is based in Anchorage, Alaska. We would like to acknowledge the Dena’ina people, whose land we work on.

Many thanks to supporters of our podcast, including Spirit of Youth and United Way of Anchorage.

The views expressed in this program do not necessarily represent the views of our sponsors.

News Literacy Resources – News literacy resources for everyone from, a national, nonpartisan education nonprofit building a national movement to advance the practice of news literacy throughout American society. Here you can find their Checkology platform, and download the Informable app.

MediaWise (The Poynter Institute) – MediaWise empowers people of all ages to become more critical consumers of content online. We teach people digital media literacy and fact-checking skills to spot misinformation and disinformation. Here you can sign up for a 7-day text message course on media literacy, follow on social media, and check out the Teen Fact-Checking Network.

For more information on News Media Literacy, including how to request a classroom presentation from our staff, hop on over to our News Literacy Project page.