[Keara (left) and Keziah Anderson on the set of their film “Last To The Wild.” Photo credit: Zach Locklear]

Sisters Keara and Keziah Anderson are from Healy, Alaska. Last year they entered into a film competition called “The Great Untold” put on by Netflix and Adobe. They submitted a trailer and were one of three finalists who were granted prize money, funding, equipment, and mentorship to create a short film.

At the time, the Anderson sisters were living in New Mexico, so they flew home to create their Alaska-set short film “Last To The Wild.” It is now streaming on Netflix’s YouTube channel, along with a documentary that covered the process of making the movie.

ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter spoke with both sisters about their short film, creating a story that felt authentically Alaskan, and how they came to their own decisions to leave their home state in pursuit of their dreams.

Hosted by Madison Knutson.

Music by Kendrick Whiteman.


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