For our February radio show we have three Covid-related interviews, a movie review, and a peak at some upcoming events.

Hosts: Madison Knutson and Forrest Rodgers

Events: Jack Robbins

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Dr. Coleman Cutchins Interview

ATMI producer Grady Cutchins interviews his father, Dr. Coleman Cutchins, a board-certified clinical pharmacist, about the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

Flight Attendant Sierra Fischer Interview

ATMI producer Madison Knutson interviews flight attendant Sierra Fischer about flying the skies throughout the pandemic.

The Last Duel Review

ATMI producer Zinn Rogers reviews the movie “The Last Duel” from director Ridley Scott.

Nurse Manager Joshua Meals Interview

ATMI producer Ada Bjorkman interview Joshua Meals, a nurse manager at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, about how the acute care floor he oversees deals with the ripple effects of Covid-19 on the healthcare system.

(Full Interview)