For our first radio show of the fall we have interviews with an Anchorage School District Director of Education, an Alaskan artist, and the state’s chief medical officer. Plus coverage of a block party celebrating Pride month.

Hosts: Quinn White and Chloe Chaobal

Full Show

Marty Lang Interview

ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter interviews ASD Directory of Secondary Education Marty Lang to talk about the fall 2021 semester amidst a pandemic and how it will be different than this past spring.

Pride Block Party

In June, ATMI senior producer Cornilius Nelson attended a Pride Block Party at the Writer’s Block Bookstore and Cafe in Spenard. He spoke to attendees and the event’s organizer MoHagani Magnetic about what Pride means to them.

Mark Sixbey Interview

ATMI producer Karl Cranston-Simmons speaks with Alaskan artist Mark Sixbey about his work.

Dr. Anne Zink Interview

ATMI senior producer Quinn White talks with Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer about Pfizer’s full FDA approval, break-through cases, and booster shots.