For our August radio show we hear from two professional filmmakers who make very different types of movies, an in-studio interview and performance from local singer/songwriter Ava Earl, news, events, and more!

Hosts: Daisy Carter and Kendrick Whiteman

News: Grady Cutchins

Events: Jack Robbins

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Dan Redfield Interview

ATMI producer Rowan Pickard spoke with Alaskan filmmaker Dan Redfield about his various film projects, including his documentary series “Adventures with Ava.”

Lanie Zipoy Interview

ATMI producer Zinn Rogers spoke with New York-based filmmaker Lanie Zipoy about how the pandemic has affected the filmmaking industry and her work.

Ava Earl Interview

ATMI producer Yule Zhang sat down with Alaska singer/songwriter Ava Earl to talk about her music, returning to live performances, and a recent surgery to restore hearing in her right ear.

(Full Interview)

Ava Earl performs “Forever Girl”

Ava Earl performs “Forever Girl” from her new album The Roses.