In the Hulu documentary series “Sasquatch” Alaska-born documentarian David Holthouse investigates a decades-old rumor he heard while working on a marijuana farm in Northern California.

Three men brutally murdered… by Bigfoot.

His investigation not only looked into the legends of Bigfoot and the people that devoted their lives to finding the creature, but also the criminal worlds of marijuana growers in the region known as the Emerald Triangle.

For this episode, we hear from Holthouse himself. ATMI senior producers Daisy Carter and Chloe Chobal spoke with Holthouse about this mystery and the many others he came across in California, as well as his other documentaries.

***This discussion does include some very sensitive topics that may not be suitable for young listeners, as well as some brief strong language.***

Hosted by Tyler Felson.

Music by Kendrick Whiteman.


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