July’s radio show segments range from topics like LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness to rap music, Covid-19, documentary filmmaking, and more!

Hosts: Chloe Chaobal and Yule Zhang

News: Karl Cranston-Simmons

Events: Jack Robbins

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Kat Banner, volunteer coordinator for Choosing Our Roots

Senior producer Daisy Carter spoke with Kat Banner about Choosing Our Roots, a nonprofit organization that provides housing resources for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness.

Coleman Cutchins, Clinical Pharmacist on Covid-19

Health reporter Jania Tumey interviewed Coleman Cutchins, a clinical pharmacist who is part of Alaska’s public health leadership team on Covid-19.

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Fairview Treezy, Alaskan Rapper

Producer Karl Cranston-Simmons chats with rapper Fairview Treezy about his music, influences, and aspirations.

David Holthouse, Documentarian

Senior producers Chloe Chaobal and Daisy Carter speak with Alaska-born documentarian David Holthouse about his early career work.

[Contains mature content not suitable for all ages.]