Hosts: Cornilius Nelson, Ormund Alaois

DJ: Devin Shreckengost

Events: Cornilius Nelson

Feature: “Robert Arms Jazz Institute” by Connor Soberay; “Bean’s Cafe” by Rowan Pickard

Interview: “Former ATMI producer Hellen (Fleming) Payaras” by Danielle DuClos

The summer might be winding down, but “In Other News” sure isn’t! On this month’s episode we have a feature on the leader of a local jazz institute, an interview with a client of Bean’s Cafe about what her life living on the streets is like, and an interview with one of ATMI’s very first youth producers as part of our ongoing 15 Years of “In Other News.”

Plus, there’s also music, events, and a special informative diatribe about the lives of Muppets. Listen to the full show or the individual segments below, including an extended version of Danielle DuClos’ interview with former ATMI producer Hellen Fleming.

Full Show

Bean’s Cafe

Robert Arms Jazz Institute

Hellen (Fleming) Payaras Interview

Hellen (Fleming) Payaras Interview (EXTENDED CUT!!!)

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