Hosts: Cornilius Nelson, Kendrick Whiteman

DJ: Devin Shreckengost

News: Kendrick Whiteman

Events: Cornilius Nelson

Feature: “Equality Parade” by Cornilius Nelson

Interview: Shana Sheehy, In Other News founder; Sam Bernitz, former ATMI producer; Max Jungreis, former ATMI producer

15 Years of In Other News continues with a slew of check-ins with former ATMI producers. Cornilius interviews Max Jungreis (pictured above) whose past works include interviewing the Unabomber’s brother; Rowan Pickard interviews Sam Bernitz, whose past works include doing a piece on working in Prudhoe Bay; and Quinn White interviews Shana Sheehy, the adult who started In Other News.

Cornilius also went downtown for Anchorage’s annual Equality Parade to speak to people on the street about what inspires them to get together and celebrate their diversity. There’s also news, events, and music curated by Devin Shreckengost.

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Equality Parade

Shana Sheehy Interview

Sam Bernitz Interview

Max Jungreis Interview