Host / DJ: Kendrick Whiteman

Events: Kelly Wages

Movie Reviews: Life of Pi (2012) and Frances Ha (2012) by Logan Smith

Feature: “After School Special” by Madison Dooley and Cornilius Nelson

In the wake of November 30th’s ground shakin’, our December show was unfortunately canceled. But a month of aftershocks wasn’t going to keep us from producing a pre-recorded show for January.

We kicked off the new year with a show featuring a story about our recent youth film screening After School Special: Weekend Edition , movie reviews from some select 2012 films in a new segment called “In Case You Missed It,” a new segment called “Fake News,” and much more.

You can listen to the show in its entirety or the different individual segments below:

Full Show

After School Special

In Case You Missed It: “Life of Pi”

In Case You Missed It: “Frances Ha”