Award-Winning Radio



First Place for Multimedia News Story – “School Start Times” by Kendrick Whiteman.


First Place for Multimedia News Story – “Yup’ik Spelling Bee for Beginners” by Ezra Dan, Michael Johnson, and Piper Sato.


Honorable Mention – “CITC Fab Lab” by Cornilius Nelson.



Honorable Mention –  “Birding in Anchorage” by Arina Filippenko.


Student Radio, Best Radio Show (Alaska Broadcasters Association) – “In Other News”


Frank Keegan “Take No Prisoners” Award For News – Spice hits Anchorage hard by Francisco Martinez

First Place Enterprise Reporting – On the bus by Arina Filippenko

First Place Multimedia Profiles – Karaoke leads to full-time gig by Chloe Chaobal


First Place Enterprise Reporting – Working in Prudhoe Bay by Sam Bernitz

First Place Multi-media News Proposition 4 by Barae Hirsch

Second Place Multi-media Feature Youth on Councils by Chloe Chaobal


First Place Multi-media Features  Gerygone & Twig by Arina Filippenko

First Place Multi-media Opinion Sex, drugs and classical music in Town Square by Barae Hirsch

Second Place Multi-media News Suicide Prevention at West by Chloe Chaobal


First Place Multi-media FeaturesAggressors, Victims, Bystanders by Chloe Chaobal

Honorable Mention Multi-media FeaturesDavid & Ted by Max Jungreis

Honorable Mention Multi-media Features – Religion by Aviva Hirsch


First Place News Story, Individual Reporting – Advertising in School by Aviva Hirsch

First Place Sports News Story – On the trail by Ishmael Streever

Second Place Enterprise Story, Individual Reporting – Graduation Requirements by Kosette Isakson


Second Place Features – Singing in the shower by Ishmael Streever

Honorable Mention News – Rejected by Nikki Navio

Honorable Mention Features – The Power of Plastic by Max Jungreis

Second Place Profile – A freezing cold night by Aviva Hirsch



Best Radio Show – In Other News- January 31, 2015


Best Radio ShowIn Other News – March 29, 2014


Best Radio Sports News Story – On the Trail by Ishmael Streever


Best Radio News Feature – Dancing on 15th and Ingra by Tiana Johnson

Best Radio News Feature – Youth Court by Michelle Paras


Best Radio Show “In Other News”

Radio Uniquely Alaskan – Shishmaref by Nikki Navio and Nithya Thiru

ALASKA PRESS CLUB AWARDS (Competing among professional journalists.)


First Place – Best Alaska Outdoor Story – Dan Bigley and the Bear by Max Jungreis

Second Place Best Radio – Profile Bean’s Cafe by Max Jungreis


Second Place-Best Education Reporting for Radio – Agressors, Victims & Bystanders by Chloe Chaobal

Third Place Best On-going Public Affairs Program “In Other News”
Second Place Best Radio Profile – David & Ted by Max Jungreis

Third Place Best Radio Profile – Religion by Aviva Hirsch


Second Place-Best Radio Profile – Hi, I’m Matt by Max Jungreis

Second Place Best On-going Public Affairs Program – “In Other News”

Second Place Best Education Reporting – Advertising in school” by Aviva Hirsch

Third Place Best User-submitted Online Package – Question of the month by ATMI staff


Second Place-Best Radio Feature – The power of plastic by Max Jungreis

Third Place-Best Radio Profile – A cold freezing night by Aviva Hirsch

Third Place-Best User-Submitted Online Package – Question of the month by ATMI staff


Honorable Mention- Best Ongoing Public Affairs program – “In Other News”
Second place Best Profile – Dancing on 15th by Tiana Johnson

Second Place Environmental Reporting Shishmaref by Nithya Thiru and Nikki Navio

Second place Best Documentary – Rose Urban Rural Exchange- Chevak by Kelsey Hernandez

Third Place Best Single Story Reporting – Refugees by Nithya Thiru


First place Best Ongoing Public Affairs program“In Other News”
First place Crimes and Courts Reporting – Alcohol Investigators by Noah Magen

Second Place Health and Science Reporting – Our teen clinic by Katie Zager

Third place Sports Reporting – My brother, the fighter” by Tiana Johnson

Third place Best Media Web site


First place Health and Science – Teen Stress by Erin Britton

Third place Education Reporting Gay Straight Alliances by Tonei Glavinic


Second place Single Story – Homeless in Anchorage by Rebecca Barker

First place- Single Story – Dumpster Diving by Rebecca Barker.

Third place Best Education Reporting – Getting out” by Chris Frenier and Katie Zager

Second Place Best Ongoing Public Affairs Program – “In Other News”


Third Place Humor – Girl Pants by Katie Zager

Second Place Best Radio Commentary, Editorial or Review – Alaska Fashion Crisis by Michael Eddy and Sara Perman

Third Place Best Media by Sara Perman, Andrew Aquino, Chris Frenier, and Rosey Robards


First Place Best Commentary, Editorial or Review, radio – Heavy Metal Commentary by Amanda Krysinski
Third Place Humor – Teen Trivia Part 1 & 2 by Amanda Krysinski

Third Place Best Government or Political Report –  Politcal Humor by Amanda Krysinski

Second Place Best Public affairs program, radio on-going – “In Other News”

Third Place Best Documentery, radio – “Culture Shock”


Second Place Best Coverage of the Arts, radio – Nothing Less by Melissa Smith

Second Place- Best reporting, single story, radio – Teen Marriage by Hellen Flemming