Chloe Chaobal

Chloe is currently a freshman at University of Vermont. She is learning German, and plays the drums, the piano, and the guitar. She loves film making, and plans on being a filmmaker. Chloe has been a member of Alaska Teen Media since 2011, and has produced many radio stories, such as, Sounds of the City, Aggressors, Victims, Bystanders, and Youth on Councils. 

Music Where You’d Least Expect It

ATMI Senior Reporter Chloe Chaobal with a story about a musician who plays music in a unique location.


Youth on Councils
ATMI reporter Chlöe Chaobal looked a what roles teenagers play on community councils? Do they even have a role and are they taken serious? These questions were brought up at a recent Anchorage Assembly meeting.

Youth on Boards
Reporter Chlöe Chaobal with a preview of an upcoming story about the role of youth on advisory boards. Chloe used audio from the February 2014 Anchorage Assembly Meeting where the discussion was whether to give boards the option of selecting youth members under 18.

The full story will be out later this month.

My Earthquake Story: Nancy Bidwell

Nancy Bidwell was 17 at the time of the Great Alaska Earthquake. She was on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage when the destruction began. Story by Alaska Teen Media reporter Chlöe Chaobal.

History of “In Other News” 
Find out more about our radio program in this story. Rob Stanley introduces you to the very first ATMI director and student who worked together to bring “In Other News” to the airwaves. Chlöe Chaobal contributed to this story as well.

Suicide Prevention at West Anchorage High School 
An in-depth look at an issue important to Alaskans. Schools in Anchorage strive to prevent suicide, but each year students suffer from the loss of their classmates. Here’s a story from Chlöe Chaobal.

Aggressors, Victims, and Bystanders
ATMI’s Chlöe Chaobal with a story about the Aggressors, Victims, Bystanders program taught to teachers and students in the Anchorage School District to help combat bullying.

Joining Anchorage Youth Court
ATMI’s Chlöe Chaobal, 13, wanted to know if joining Anchorage Youth Court was the right thing for her. So, she interviewed youth court staff and students to find out what the program is all about. She learned a little history, heard first hand from students who have participated in the program and gathered the additional information she needed to make her decision.

ATMI Reporter Chlöe Chaobal with some fun facts about dreams.

Sounds of the City 1st story
ATMI’s Chlöe Chaobal took to the streets of Downtown Anchorage and wants you to guess where she was!