Year In Review - 2017

It’s time to weigh in on your favorite ATMI produced radio pieces!






Live Interview with: Beatboxer Jhursten Malinis of Service High School


Yup’ik Spelling Bee for Beginners by Ezra Dan

ATMI Reporter Ezra Dan with a story about a unique event in Anchorage helping young people learn about language. Full disclosure, Ezra Dan and Freda Dan are related.


Social Media Vox Part One

ATMI Producer Lynette Guanzon with a piece about social media.


Social Media Vox Part Two

For part two, Lynette dug into the bad side of social media.


Social Media Vox Part Three

ATMI Producer Kendrick Whiteman also produced about the good and the bad of social media.


Maiya Anderson

ATMI Producer Quinn White interviewed Spirit of Youth Award Recipient Maiya Anderson about the program she started at the her local senior center.


Jedediah Dean

ATMI Producer Ezra Dan interviewed Spirit of Youth Award Recipient Jedediah Dean about his scientific research project.


Drug, Crime and Kids

Kendrick Whiteman talks to people in downtown Anchorage about their opinion on the Alaska opioid epidemic.


Eating Healthy 

Lynette Guanzon hits the streets of Anchorage to get some opinions on eating healthy and if it is expensive.


Climate Change

Lynette Guanzon and Kendrick Whiteman interview sisters Ava and Brook Goldman from New York. They came to Alaska to work on a short film on how Climate Change is affecting the world. 


Movie Review

Lynette Guanzon reviews “Dunkirk,” the Christopher Nolan directed World War II epic.


Live Interview with Tyler Graeber

Kendrick Whiteman spoke with high school student Tyler Graeber about a petition created to change start times of the high schools of the Anchorage School District to 8:30 a.m.


Climate Change in the Bay Area

ATMI Senior Producer Quinn White visited San Francisco this summer. She interviewed people in the Bay Area, about their thoughts on Climate Change.


Polar Bears and Climate Change

Lorenzo Del Rosario talks about the relationship between polar bear and climate change. He interviews a scientist from the US Fish & Wildlife Service and an Arctic Youth Ambassador.


Youth Nutrition

Olive Spohnholz-Johnson talks about Youth Nutrition. The story starts with the voice of one Anchorage youth who knows what it’s like to go hungry.


Fab Lab

Cornelius Nelson interviews the Creative Director of the Fab Lab in Anchorage.


School Start Time

A continuation of the interview Kendrick Whiteman did this past September with Tyler Graeber about school start times.


Wall of Hope

At Dimond High School, students created a Wall of Hope to raise awareness during suicide prevention week. Each student wrote on the wall what they were hopeful for in the future. Danielle DuClos, a senior at Diamond, interviewed some of her peers about what they were looking forward to.