Hosts: Kendrick Whiteman & Ormund Alaois

News: Karl Cranston-Simmons

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Real Talk With Real Youth Roundtable

A group of youth from that Mat-Su Valley discuss how Covid-19 has affected school for them. This segment comes from the podcast “Real Talk With Real Youth” a co-production of Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska and ATMI.

Movie Review: “Singing In The Rain”

ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter reviews the classic movie “Singing in the Rain.”


ATMI producer Karl Crantson-Simmons reports on local news stories.

Movie Review: “Men”

ATMI producer Kendrick Whiteman reviews the new horror movie “Men.”

Three Barons Renaissance Fair

ATMI producer Ormund Alaois interviews attendants, vendors, and performers of the annual Three Barons Renaissance Fair.

Missed Call From Grammie

ATMI senior producer Quinn White profiles her grandmother and her recent health issues.

YA Author Dante Medema

ATMI producer Edison Wallace-Moyer interviews local author Dante Medema, writer of the YA novels “The Truth Project” and “Message Not Found.”

Movie Review: “Crimes of the Future”

ATMI producer Zinn Rogers reviews the new science-fiction movie “Crimes of the Future.”

School Safety Vox Pop

Produced in late 2019, early 2020 by Daisy Carter, this segment features ATMI youth producers discussing their feelings on school safety in regards to mass shootings and active shooter drills.