For our first radio show of the new year we have interviews with two historians (one of Alaska, the other on cartography), a movie review, a music review, news, and original music from one of our youth producers, Ormund Alaois (you can listen to more of his music here).

Hosts: Quinn White, Yule Zhang

News: Forrest Rodgers

Full Show

John Cloud, Historian of Cartography

ATMI producer Grady Cutchins spoke with John Cloud, who works with the Arctic Study Center at the Smithsonian, about all things maps, including how they are utilized in a pandemic.

Encanto Review

ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter reviews the new animated movie Encanto.

David Reamer, Alaska Historian

ATMI senior producer Quinn White interviews David Reamer about the history of Anchorage.

“Voyage” by ABBA

ATMI producer Madison Knutson reviews the new album from Swedish pop legends ABBA.

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