To protect our ATMI workforce and the public, ATMI asks staff and youth producers working from home to be aware of the guidance and instructions from local officials and how our actions could potentially impact our own health and the health of others. 

You know, there are the basic things like wearing a mask in public places,  washing your hands regularly with hot water and soap, and practicing social distancing by avoiding close contact (at least 6 feet distance). 

But we have a few more temporary practices that we encourage you to adopt.

ATMI producer health & safety

  • To protect yourself and others conduct your ATMI business at home or outdoors.
  • Make sure that all your ATMI projects accommodate your family concerns and priorities.
  • The CDC indicates that older people, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions are considered higher risk of infection. Please be considerate of this when planning projects and deciding who to hang out with. Do you have high risk friends or family members who you often spend time with? 
  • We’ve been reading about how, in retrospect, Italian moms wish they had convinced their teens to stay close to home, rather than visiting friends’ houses and riding in friends’ cars. Limit the number of people you come into contact with at this time. The State recommends hanging out with the same small set of friends rather than inviting new or different people over everyday. 
  • Please don’t feel compelled to come into contact with additional people in an effort to complete ATMI assignments. Instead ask yourself, “How can we complete this work from a distance?”
  • Stay quarantined if you have recently traveled (recommendation is 14 days.) Or make sure you have received two negative COVID tests. Many carry the virus without any symptoms at all.  
  • Please don’t be compelled to work if you are sick.
  • Producers should avoid traveling on public transportation for ATMI work. If you must use public transportation, make sure to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol on hands when embarking and disembarking. Also avoid ride shares and taxi cabs when possible.
  • You should not have to conduct ATMI business in public. But if you are in a public place, don’t set your gear on the floor and be mindful of setting it down anywhere in public as COVID-19 can live on surfaces.
  • If you do record in person, use directional microphones from a safe distance rather than clip mics. Disinfect the mic sponge covers in hot water after use.
  • If you do report in a public place, disinfect your gear, pens and cell phones after use.