Hosts: Cornilius Nelson & Kendrick Whiteman

DJ: Kelly Wages

Movie Review: Cornilius Nelson

For this month’s show, we had two in-studio interviews, a movie review, music, and a vox-pop from some new ATMI producers! Tuan Graziano and Jasmine Carter from Youth Vote spoke with ATMI producer Cornilius Nelson about their work with the organization and how it strives to engage youth in the community.

ATMI producer Daisy Carter spoke with Jessica Kaiser (both pictured above), the director of the Anchorage International Film Festival. They talked about the upcoming festival and “After School Special” which is a youth film screening that ATMI and AIFF are hosting.

Brand new ATMI producers Kayla Johnson, Jonathan Walker, and Jasiah Walker presented a vox-pop they produced at this year’s Fright Night at the Northway Mall.

Cornilius Nelson also had a review of the most recent Marvel movie Venom. Check out the full show’s audio below or the separate segments:

Full Show

Interview: Youth Vote

Interview: Jessica Kaiser, Director of the Anchorage International Film Festival

Vox-Pop: Scary Movies

Review: Venom