ATMI worked with the Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services program at Catholic Social Service to host a storytelling workshop in August. ATMI and Story Works Alaska teamed up to work with students on producing their own true, personal experience stories in the spirit of Arctic Entries and The Moth Radio Hour.

ambika for web

Ambika’s Tradition

Missing her homeland, Ambika goes to put on her traditional Nepali dress and discovers something upsetting.


Khalil’s Master Blaster

A disaster at H2Oasis leaves Khalil with a lesson learned.

iqrafor web

Iqra’s Big Fall

Trying to prove the neighbor kids wrong leaves Iqra in the hospital for weeks.

Mariamfor web

Mariam Knows English! Yeah!

Coming to a new school in Anchorage was tough but thankfully the kids at Mariam’s school have taught her a lot.


Claudine’s School Bus Mishap

Thankful for a good friend Claudine finds her way home.


Furaha’s Dinner

When Furaha (which means Happy) doesn’t come home for dinner, she learns her lesson.


Iqlas Knows, What Goes Around Comes Around

Iqlas thought is was really funny when her fellow classmates were stung by bees but she learned her lesson!


Muna’s Climb

Muna doesn’t do much tree climbing anymore and in this story she tells us why.


Boazi Comes to America

Thinking he might get to go to a big city like New York, he took a 21-hour flight with his family and ended up in Anchorage and liked it.


Olive, Go Get the Salt.

A big distraction leaves Olive’s little sister and brother very hungry while she enjoys a feast!