Listen: Apple Podcasts Spotify Soundcloud Patreon Alaska Teen Media Institute is based in Anchorage, Alaska. We would like to acknowledge the Dena’ina people, whose land we work on. Many thanks to supporters of our podcast including Rosey Robards and Della Cutchins. The views expressed in this program do not necessarily represent the views of our […]

Despite nearly half of the state’s population being fully vaccinated, Alaska is experiencing some of its highest case counts and hospitalizations. So as we head into another autumn with Covid, we check in with Dr. Anne Zink, Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer. ATMI senior producer Quinn White spoke with Dr. Zink just days after the FDA […]

For our first radio show of the fall we have interviews with an Anchorage School District Director of Education, an Alaskan artist, and the state’s chief medical officer. Plus coverage of a block party celebrating Pride month. Hosts: Quinn White and Chloe Chaobal Full Show Marty Lang Interview ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter interviews ASD […]

Dan Redfield is an Alaska-based filmmaker and documentarian. He’s been making films in Alaska for years on all sorts of different projects from commercials to documentaries to narrative works. ATMI producer Rowan Pickard spoke with Redfield about his work as a filmmaker, advice for youth who want to get into making movies, and “Adventure for […]

This time last year, the Anchorage School District was struggling to get kids back to in-person learning for the fall semester, while coronavirus cases surged in the community. They ended up holding off on their reopening plans for the fall, but by the spring of 2021 they had phased Pre-K through 12th grade back to […]

Lanie Zipoy is a New York-based filmmaker whose feature film “The Subject” has played in festivals throughout much of the pandemic. She hopes to release it in theaters and digital platforms later this fall. She also created the installation film “Dispatches Amidst” which documents life in and around New York during the pandemic. ATMI producer […]

For our August radio show we hear from two professional filmmakers who make very different types of movies, an in-studio interview and performance from local singer/songwriter Ava Earl, news, events, and more!

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Earthquakes can be a pretty common aspect of life in Alaska. From tiny little tremors that some people don’t even notice, to big ones like the 7.0 quake in November 2018. So for this episode we’re going to dig into the earth to learn more about seismic activity. ATMI senior producer Daisy Carter spoke with […]

For this episode we talk about the new film adaptation of the musical “In The Heights.” Directed by Jon M. Chu, the story follows characters living in the predominantly Dominican Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan as they pursue their dreams. It was written and produced by Lin Manuel-Miranda who also wrote the musical. Our youth […]

Though born in Louisiana, rapper Fairview Treezy grew up in Alaska. He started rapping in high school and hasn’t stopped since. At 22 years old, his track “Freestlye” has over a million streams on Spotify. ATMI producer Karl Cranston-Simmons spoke with Treezy to talk about how being raised in Alaska has influenced his music, other […]