Hosts: Roey McCowan, Ormund Alaois News: Ezra Dan Full Show Freelance Journalist Nat Herz ATMI producer Edison Wallace-Moyer interviews freelance journalist Nat Herz. After working for the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Public Media, Herz has set off on his own, creating The Northern Journal, a subscription-based news platform that reports and comments on Alaska’s […]

Nat Herz spent almost a decade as a journalist, writing for the Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Public Media. Then one day, last June, he quit his job and decided to strike out on his own. He created The Northern Journal, a subscription-based newsletter that reports and provides commentary on Alaska’ environment, energy industry, government […]

In this episode we return to the cinematic universe that has captivated audiences for the past two decades: The Shrek-verse.  The latest film to come out of this cultural phenomenon is Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. In the new movie, a life of living dangerously has caused our hero Puss in Boots to realize […]

Every year winter brings with it cold and flu season. You’re lucky if you make it through to break up without getting at least a little sniffle. This winter, though, things have been especially bad with Covid spiking, the flu hitting harder than most years, and RSV causing concern for the very young and old. […]

Anchorage-based DJ Joe Brady has been a part of the local dance scene for over five years. He’s been serving tunes to people at events, bars, and even high school proms.

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Hosts: Forrest Rodgers and Quinn White Events: Kendrick Whiteman Full Show The Tripledemic: An Interview with Dr. Lisa Rabinowitz ATMI producer Madison Knutson interviews Dr. Lisa Rabinowitz, a staff physician with the state health department, about the trifecta of Covid, RSV, and the flu going around right now. Events ATMI senior producer Kendrick Whiteman dishes […]

It’s time for our holiday special. In this episode, our ATMI crew debates a very important and pressing topic: What is the best Christmas movie? Each producer in the roundtable presents their pick for best Christmas movie and plead their case as to why it reigns supreme. Prepare yourself for some classic festive film picks, […]

In this episode we’re back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The sequel reflects real life as the people of Wakanda mourn the loss of their king T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman who passed away in 2020. The future of Wakanda is again at risk with the introduction of Namor, the […]

Hosts: Edison Wallace-Moyer and Roey McCowan News/Events: Ezra Dan Full Show Misinformation with Morgan Krakow ATMI won an Alaska Broadcasters Association Goldie Award in Student Radio Podcast for this episode of our series Zoom Room. ATMI senior producer Quinn White interviews Anchorage Daily News reporter Morgan Krakow about getting caught up in a fake news […]

For this episode we’re pivoting to TV, to talk about the new ABC drama “Alaska Daily.” The show stars Hilary Swank as a journalist who takes a job at a newspaper in Anchorage, Alaska, after she is let go from her position at a national news outlet.

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