MARCH 29, 2014

In Other News
Hosts: Ishmael Streever and Reed Brandt

My Earthquake Story: Jim Curran
ATMI’s Rob Stanley with an interview with Jim Curran as he retells what he was doing when the 1964 earthquake rattled Anchorage.

My Earthquake Story: Mary Federoff
ATMI’s Michael Stormo with a story about Mary Fedoroff as she recounts the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964.

My Earthquake Story: Nancy Bidwell
Nancy Bidwell was 17 at the time of the Great Alaska Earthquake. She was on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage when the destruction began. Story by Alaska Teen Media reporter Chloe Chaobal.

In Other News- March 29, 2014
This months show was a look back at the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964 from the perspective of three young people living in Anchorage at the time. Listen to stories about Jim Curran, Mary Fedoroff and Nancy Bidwell as well as events and music.