DECEMBER 28, 2013

In Other News
Alaska Teen Media’s Best Stories of 2013!

What’s Dinner Like at your House?
ATMI Reporter Arina Filippenko with a story about West Anchorage High School students talking about dinnertime at their house. This is Arina’s first radio story.

Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music in Town Square
The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts has one idea on how to make Town Square less of an attractive place for those participating in illicit activities. Play classical music in the park, they propose. ATMI’s Barae Hirsch gathered some thoughts on classical music from high school students and frequenters of Town Square in Anchorage.

Bean’s Cafe
ATMI’s Max Jungreis visits Bean’s Cafe to find out more about the work they do there on a daily basis to serve Anchorage’s homeless population.

Gerygone & Twig
ATMI Reporter Arina Filipenko with a story about local band Gerygone & Twig. The band shares how they got their name and how they formed. This story also aired on Alaska News Nightly on April 26, 2013.

Suicide Prevention at West Anchorage High School
An in-depth look at an issue important to Alaskans. Schools in Anchorage strive to prevent suicide, but each year students suffer from the loss of their classmates. Here’s a story from Chloe Chaobal.

My First Kiss
ATMI Reporter Jacob Holley-Kline was asked to tell a story at the Anchorage event, Arctic Entries. The theme for the show was missed connections, treasure maps and chasing the dream. Jacob told about his first kiss.

Dan Bigley Segment
In 2003 Dan Bigley was attacked by a bear while on a fishing trip with his friend. Parts two and three of the interview with Dan Bigley. This story was produced by Max Jungreis.