AUGUST 30, 2014

In Other News
Hosts: Sam Bernitz and Arina Filippenko

Off the Chain Bicycle Collective
ATMI’s Sam Bernitz and Connor Crowley spent the day at Off the Chain Bicycle Collective learning about how the shop works and getting a tune up.

Youth on Councils
ATMI Reporter Chloe Chaobal looked a what roles teenagers play on community councils? Do they even have a role and are they taken serious? These questions were brought up at a recent Anchorage Assembly meeting.

Live Question of the Month
Taken from the August 12, 2014 Live Show at the Wilda Marston Theatre, ATMI’s Barae Hirsch and Connor Crowley asked the audience to answer the question, “what is one thing you’ve always wanted to make work?”

In Other News- August 30, 2014
Hosted by Arina Filippenko and Sam Bernitz. Portions of this show were done live on stage at the Wilda Marston Theatre August 12. The show featured stories by Sam Bernitz, Connor Crowley and Chloe Chaobal. Kendall Stormo was the DJ and Francisco Martinez provided the events.