AUGUST 27, 2011

In Other News
Hosts: Kelsey Hernandez and Kathyrn Roberts

Hi, I’m Matt 2
ATMI Reporter Max Jungreis with part 2 of his story about Matt. Back in the States, life doesn’t get any easier for Matt.

The Ice Patch Expedition
ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch with the story about a group of teens who went on a week-long Ice Patch expedition in the Kenai Mountains to learn more about their heritage.

Cemetery Stories
ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson went to the Anchorage Memorial Cemetery to record actors doing retellings of infamous people buried at the cemetery. These two in particular, caught her attention. They are both about murder.

Learning Skeptically
Taken from the article written by Pacific Luther University Professor of Mathematics and Physics Chang-li Yiu. ATMI’s Chloe Chaobal read it in class and was compelled to share it.

Sounds I Hate!
Pretty self explanatory! These are some sounds that Ishmael Streever really hates.