Youth Reporting Project: Climate Change and the Walrus Haulout

Full Podcast: Climate Change & the Pacific Walrus Haulout

A 30-minute special reporting project developed by ATMI youth producers with support from National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Story One: Climate Change & the Pacific Walrus Haulout

Melting sea ice in the arctic is a relatively new challenge for Pt. Lay residents. Arctic communities are adapting to a new reality because their traditional ways of providing for themselves have changed. In our first story, ATMI speaks to local residents about their take on how this impacts walruses, as well as Joel Garlich-Miller, a marine biologist who studies and monitors Walrus behavior and their habitat. To share this story, here is youth producer, Riley Taylor.

Story Two: The Importance of Walrus

Now we’d like to explore the cultural connection Alaska Native communities have to these massive marine mammals. Walruses are an integral part of subsistence harvesting, especially in communities like Point Lay and Savoonga.

We’ll hear from youth producer Kendall Stormo as she talks with residents about their dependence on walruses as a natural resource and the relationship Alaska Native cultures have with these important animals.

Story Three: What Now

And to close out the podcast on Climate Change and the Walrus Haulout, we have a final piece from Alaska Teen Media Institute senior producer Quinn White. She speaks with community members from Pt. Lay and Savoonga and we’ll hear from biologists about how communities are working to monitor and protect the walrus population from societal disturbances, overharvesting and the effects of climate change.