SEPTEMBER 29, 2007

In Other News

Hosts: Katie Zager Barbara Nave

Service Pool
Rumor around town has been that the Service and Bartlett High School pools are the most expensive to run. This has residents and high school students wondering if the two pools might be shut down. ATMI Reporter Katie Zager interviews teens as they protest at the Z.J. Loussac Library as an Anchorage Assembly meeting took place inside.

Slam Poetry
ATMI Reporter Megan Haller interviews a young slam poet who has been very active in the community. Leyna Rynearson shares what inspires her.

Grillin’ and Chillin’
ATMI Reporter Chris Frenier and friends have come up with a solution to the long school lunch line or a quick off campus fast food stop. They are grillin’ sandwiches right out of their lockers.

Appetizer Hunt
Andrew’s older brother keyed him into what has become one of his favorite pastimes, the appetizer hunt. Andrew and friends spend an afternoon on the prowl for tasty bites while enjoying each other’s company. Who says there is nothing for teens to do in this town?