SEPTEMBER 27, 2014

In Other News

Hosts: Kendall Stormo and Arina Filippenko

Proposition 4
ATMI Reporter Barae Hirsch with a thorough look at Ballot Measure 4. The measure would enable the Alaska Legislature to ban proposed mining in the Bristol Bay watershed if lawmakers believe the project would endanger wild salmon stocks. Barae is also a member of Alaska Youth Vote.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Team?
Muldoon Video Club Producer Jayla with a favorite sports teams vox pop. She went around the Boys and Girls Club asking people about who they cheer for.

What’s Your Favorite Dog?
Loussac Video Club Producer Samantha with favorite dogs vox pop. She walked around the library asking people about canines.

Partying Down
West High student Nathan Shreiber with a story about the day too much partying got him in a little trouble. Nathan told this story live at Arctic Entries.