OCTOBER 30, 2010

In Other News
Host: Aviva Hirsch

The Balloon Ninja
What’ll it be? A Ninja Turtle, Kobe Bryant, a monkey on a tree? Those are just a few of the balloon creations Kyle Yen can whip up for you! ATMI Reporter Max Jungreis was out at a restaurant the first time he met Yen and because of that encounter he knew he had to find out how Yen got in the business.

Spending Your PFD?
Alaska has just given you $1,281! Yes! How are you going to spend it?

Spin Jam
ATMI Reporter Chelsea Stender spent an evening with members of the AK Fire Circus. Stender spoke with members about the art of twirling fire and about the history behind the group.

My First Time Voting
ATMI’s Adam Rose-Levy shares his thoughts on the upcoming election and as a first time voter.