OCTOBER 28, 2006

In Other News
Hosts: Noah Magen and Chris Frenier

Campaign for Credit
Steller Secondary School students had the opportunity to help the campaign of their choice this election season. ATMI Reporter Tony Glavinic talked to them about the experience.

Fake Political Ad
ATMI comic Noah Magen pokes fun at mean-hearted political ads. This fake ad features a character called Binky Rogers who hangs out at playgrounds, takes money from homeless people and will NOT lead Alaska to the prosperous potential our state has.

V-Bay (Fake Ad)
Again, here’s Noah Magen with a fake political advertisement. He’ll tell you about a Web site professionally made for easy access and handling and is only mildly illegal. Just log onto http://www.vbay.com and join the millions of American’s dying to get money from the next generation of politicians.