OCTOBER 26, 2013

In Other News
Hosts: Ishmael Streever and Jalen Martinez

October News: Heros, lights and hibernation
ATMI’s Kelsey Hernandez provides a few items from the local news.

Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music in Town Square
The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts has one idea on how to make Town Square less of an attractive place for those participating in illicit activities. Play classical music in the park, they propose. ATMI’s Barae Hirsch gathered some thoughts on classical music from high school students and frequenters of Town Square in Anchorage.

The Most Quiet Place
A poem about trying to hold onto love by Jacob Holley-Kline. It was by Wright Franklin and Jacob Holley-Kline.

October Events: Haunted Houses, Spooky Stories, and Water Aerobics
ATMI’s Amber Shugak provides an events listing for October/November 2013.

The Palisades: An Interview with Noah Magen
Not too long ago Ishmael Streever was on KEXP’s YouTube page listening to some Mr. Mf’n eXquire when he saw an epic performance by The Palisades. He thought it was so sick that he had to interview Noah, the drummer.