NOVEMBER 1, 2008

In Other News

Hosts: Kelsey Hernandez and Javon Johnson

ATMI Reporter Megan Haller asks some students at the Lead On! Minisummit in Girdwood about their political views. Did they get their views from their parents? And what do they think of Sarah Palin as a candidate for vice president? Here’s what Bethel’s Diane Tipo, Marco Torrez of Ketchikan. Homer’s Ruby Cortin and Mami Luther of Kotzebue had to say.

ATMI Reporter Cooper Galvin, a senior at Steller Secondary, goes on a quest to find out, “What is love?”

Reporters visited the Forum of Young Alaskans in October to find out what Alaska’s youth are doing for the state’s future. Thomas Levine has the story. Kelsey Hernandez and Nakeen Peterson contributed to the story.

Strept Slideshow
ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson brings you a slideshow from local band Strept’s official last show in Anchorage before they move to Portland, Oregon to pursue a music career.