May 29, 2010

In Other News
Hosts: Kelsey Hernandez and Delaney Thiele

Five Minutes with Mark From Atreyu
ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson and her interview with Atreyu bassist Mark McNight before the bands May 21 show.

Singing in the Shower
ATMI Reporter Ish Streever hit the streets of Anchorage to find out what songs people like singing in the shower.

Do You Formspring?
Most sites allow for some profile personalization, but there’s an up and coming site giving users anonymity. ATMI Reporter Adam Rose-Levy with a commentary on the social networking site

The Power of Plastic
For some teens, few things can compare with the feeling of getting a drivers license! Once you have it, freedom and endless adventures lie ahead! Reporter Max Jungreis with a story on that important little piece of plastic!

ATMI Reporter Nikki Navio with the story of a high school senior and his rejection from his seven dream schools.

Do You Share Chapstick?
ATMI wanted to know if people were into sharing Chapstick or not!