MAY 29, 2004

In Other News
Host: Kathryn Petros

Home-grown Mat-Su Valley Crail
If you’re looking for some real home-grown music, look no further. Here’s this month’s “In Other News” musical highlight… Crail.

Five Cures for Boredom
Many people suggest that boredom is a disease. Lots of teens in Alaska wonder, “Is there anything to do here?” Sure, there’s a movie on TV or there’s your wonderful little Xbox, but Anchorage has a lot of secret hot spots to hit up. “In Other News”offers our five cures to the Alaska-boredom disease.

College Information
ATMI Reporter Jessica Walters provides some insight for students getting ready for the next step in their education.

The College Search
ATMI Reporter Caitlin Garing takes us along for her winter break college search.

Discussion on Music Piracy
It is an age of technology. The internet is used for everything from shopping to chatting to doing homework. But one particular area of interest recently has been media piracy. Meaning the downloading of copyrighted music for free off of the internet. There have been lawsuits carried out, and it’s not necessarily the kids getting in trouble… In New York, a 12 year old girl was sharing files over the internet, and her mom was slapped with a $2000 civil lawsuit by the Recording Industry Association of America. The more common name for music piracy these days is “peer to peer” or, using the slick computer lingo, “p2p” But, here in Alaska, a lot of kids don’t really fear a lawyer popping up on their doorstep with a lawsuit in hand. I hosted a roundtable discussion with two students form Chugiak High School to see what some local teenagers think about this rising concern.