MAY 27, 2006

In Other News
Hosts: Chris Frenier and Amanda Krysinski

Waste Not. Not so Clean Fun
An old saying tells us “one man’s trash can be another’s treasure.” ATMI Reporter Rebecca Barker explored Anchorage’s trash to find out more about the art of dumpster diving. Here she reports on the odd phenomenon.

Thoughts on Myspace
For those of us that have MySpace, we know how addicting it can be. ATMI reporter Katie Zager talks about her opinions of the Web site and tells us why she is quitting, for good.

Sex in the Park
After a trip to Portland Oregon last April where the ATMI-ites accidentally ran across a group of people having sex in a public park, reporter Hannah Magen decided to bring the story back home and find out how people felt about PDA (Public Displays of Affection.)

Thank You, Mr. Postman 5
Join private eye Rodney McFearson as he adventures through Radioland to solve the unknown mysteries of the world. The case of the counterfeit Girl Scout cookies continues right here. P.S. THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE.