MARCH 31, 2007

In Other News
Hosts: Andrew Aquino and Katie Zager

Seven Steps to Getting into College
ATMI Reporter Meena Ganesan walks you through the steps of becoming one of the select individuals who gets into the college of his or her choice. Silly and sarcastic, this piece outlines how ridiculous this process can be.

Pi Day
March 14 is Pi Day because the first three digits on the date are 3-14. Each year, high school math classes celebrate appropriately by eating pie. ATMI Reporter Chris Frenier interviews students and a high school math teacher about their excuse to goof off in class.

The Office
ATMI’s Chris Frenier and Noah Magen bring you their version of the hit TV show, “The Office.”

Gay-Straight Alliances
ATMI’s Tonei Glavinic gives an overview of GSA clubs in Anchorage high schools. GSA social and support groups are relatively new to Anchorage but have been very successful in making high school a place where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth and their allies can be safe and be themselves.

West High Loves Hot Dogs
M.A.’s Hotdogs is a favorite stop for West High students. When Mike Anderson opens up the stand on Fourth Avenue each spring, students line up for a reindeer sausage with Coca-Cola onions and some friendly banter the hot dog guy.

Global Warming
Here’s a word from our “sponsors.”