Kendrick Whiteman

Kendrick is an independent student, planning to attend college. He is very interested in things such as directing films and producing music. He has been the host on In Other News a multitude of times and has done work at ATMI since 2017. Kendrick was a part of a week-long camp on film production, as well as being a co-director/producer under Missy Whiteman. Kendrick plans on being a financial analyst when he gets out of college, and working his way up to a CEO. He has worked on multiple music projects with small time musicians in Riverton, Wyoming and an unsigned EDM group who he helped make music with for two years, along with a few gigs working as a DJ.

Drugs, Crime and Kids

Kendrick Whiteman went to Downtown Anchorage to get some perspectives regarding the opioid epidemic in the U.S, and it’s affect on people.

Social Media Story

Kendrick takes to the street to get some local views and opinions on social media, its uses and its flaws.

Live Interview with Tyler Graeber

Kendrick Whiteman spoke with high school student Tyler Graeber about a petition created to change start times of the high schools of the Anchorage School District to 8:30 a.m.

School Start Times

Kendrick is back at it again, this story is a follow up to the Tyler Graeber interview, and the topic of rescheduling the start times of schools in the Anchorage School District

Live at The Library: Tomodachi Daiko