June 4, 2016

In Other News



Quinn White and Arina Filippenko

June 2016 News

ATMI’s Ezra Dan with some statewide headlines.

June 2016 Events

ATMI’s Quinn White with some events happening around the 49th state.

High School Cancer Researcher

ATMI’s Michael Stallworth produced a story about Service High School Student who supports cancer patients and also conducts his own cancer research. This story is part of the Spirit of Youth Radio Series. 

Birding in Anchorage

ATMI’s Arina Filippenko with a story about her newest favorite hobby.


ATMI’s Kendall Stormo with a story about An Anchorage youth who used his Permanent Fund Dividend to throw a concert! This story is part of the Spirit of Youth Radio Series.

ATMI at the Movies: A review of Captain America: Civil War

ATMI’s Logan Smith a review of the latest Marvel blockbuster. For more on some of Logan’s favorite films, check out his Lucky 14 list.