JUNE 27, 2009

In Other News

Hosts: Javon Johnson and Nikki Navio

The Lives of Famous Men
ATMI Reporter Kelsey Hernandez interviewed The Lives of Famous Men while they were in town playing some shows.

Refugees in Anchorage
ATMI Reporter Nithya Thiru tells us about a Catholic Social Services for refugees who are making Alaska their home.

Animal Shelter
Anchorage Animal care and control center handles a variety of needs. From barking dogs to unwanted and endangered animals, just to name a few. They help over 700 animals per month, of which are mostly homeless. ATMI Reporter Areana Cuddy has more.

Ken Burns
Ken Burns was in Anchorage this month introducing his latest documentary on the national parks. He is a filmmaker specializing in American history with films on jazz, the civil war, and baseball. ATMI Reporter Thomas Levine caught up with him for a few words. Burns talks about how his interest in filmmaking is tied to his home life.

Youth in AK
Alaska youth from Bethel to Ketchikan talk about how they feel about growing up in Alaska.