JUNE 25, 2005

In Other News
Hosts: Steven Walsh and Amanda Krysinski

AP Slackers
These classes are generally more difficult than regular classes. But that’s not the whole story, here’s ATMI reporter Heather Tyner with the truth about AP slackers.

The Truth Behind Selling “A” Papers
Looking for some fast easy summer money ATMI reporter Katie Zager looked into what it takes to sell A papers.

Summer Jobs
As summer draws near teens are out all over the place looking for jobs. ATMI Reporter Sara Perman delivers the scoop on what jobs are available and how to find them.

To Ban or Not to Ban?
After a recent debate in the Anchorage School district of whether to ban a book or not, ATMI Reporter Jessica Walters looks more indepth at censorship in schools.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle
ATMI Reporter Michael Eddy explores his passion for biking, weighing the pros and cons of this sometimes extreme sport.