JUNE 30, 2012

In Other News
Hosts: Ishmael Streever and Max Jungreis

Treasured Items
ATMI Reporter Barae Hirsch thought it would be interesting to see what peoples’ most treasured items were, so she went to downtown Anchorage and asked people what objects they were most fond of.

Last Days in New Zealand
ATMI Reporter Aviva Hirsch with her last entry from New Zeland and how she is feeling about leaving the country she’s called home for the past few weeks.

Remembering Mya
Recently ATMI and Spirit of Youth lost a great friend named Mya Dale. She passed away on Wednesday at the age of twenty. In celebration of Mya we’re airing her rendition of Martin Luther King Junior’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech. She recited the speech during Civil Rights Month at the University of Alaska Anchorage.