JULY 27, 2013

In Other News
Hosts: Teddy Shangin and Leah Morgan-Carroll

Dan Bigley and the Bear
In 2003 Dan Bigley was attacked by a bear while on a fishing trip with his friend. In part 1, Dan discusses how life had been going great and everything was falling in place.

Dan Bigley and the Bear
In part 2, Dan has been attacked and he revisits the encounter.

Dan Bigley and the Bear
In part 3, the bear attack is over and Dan is trying to figure out what to do next.

Dan Bigley and the Bear
In part 4, Dan is at the hospital and he is in terrible shape.

Dan Bigley and the Bear
In part 5, Dan has been in the hospital for a few months and reflects on his life.

Human Trafficking in Alaska
ATMI’s Leah Morgan-Carroll with a story about human trafficking taking place in Alaska. Leah sat down with employees from the Covenant House to discuss the issue.

In Other News- July 27, 2013
This edition of In Other News featured stories from Max Jungreis and Leah Morgan-Carroll and music by Arina Filippenko. Max interviewed bear attack survivor Dan Bigley about the attack which happened in 2003. Leah’s story is about human trafficking happening in the state.