JULY 26, 2008

In Other News

Hosts: Cooper Galvin and Barbara Nave

Strept 2004
Taken from 2004, ATMI Reporter Hellen Flemming interviewed Wasilla band Strept about their success as a local band in the valley.

ATMI Reporter Tiana Johnson catches us up with the band that has stuck together for all these years.

P.O.W.E.R. Teen Clinic
ATMI Reporter Katie Zager talks with teens who work in the clinic located in the transit center in downtown Anchorage. They dicuss the services offered at the clinic and how thier personal experiences help them aid other teens.

A few students from the South High School chapter of Rare-T, a program designed to inform students about HIV, went and got tested at clinics here and town. In this round table discussion they share their experience.

Youth Employment in Parks
ATMI stopped over at YEP to check out what they have been up to this summer and get an overview of the program.

Gay-Straight Alliances
ATMI Reporter Tonei Glavinic produced this Alaska Press Club award-winning story in February of 2007. He received third place for best-education reporting.