JANUARY 30, 2010

In Other News

Hosts: Kelsey Hernandez and Adam Rose-Levy

Culture in Chevak
In this excerpt, ATMI Reporter Kelsey Hernandez has residents of Chevak speak on some village life.

Africa to Anchorage
ATMI Correspondent Nneamaka Isolokwu sat down with Dari who is completing his senior year at South High School and what it’s like being so far from home. Nneamaka is a member of the Home Base After School Program!

Tattoos Are the New Lockets
ATMI Correspondent Ariel Gustafson from Unalaska Community Broadcasting discusses why tattoos are replacing lockets as memory holders.

What’s Your Perfect Date?
ATMI went to the streets and wanted to know what people had in mind for perfect dates! This was our Google Voice “Question of the Month!”