JANUARY 28, 2006

In Other News
Hosts: Katie Zager and Sara Perman

Homeless in Anchorage
Follow ATMI’s Rebecca Barker as she interviews young homeless people in Anchorage about their everyday lives.

Round and Round
Join ATMI’s Noah Magen for a ride on the big yellow busses of the Anchorage School District.

COYA Connects Future Leaders
ATMI’s Katie Zager reports from a conference commemorating the 50th anniversary the Alaska Constitutional Convention.

Done with High School
ATMI Reporters Drew Cason, Hannah Magen and Heather Tyner discuss their feelings about their senior year in high school.

Sloppy Joe’s (Fake Ad)
If you’re done with high school- and don’t eally feel like moving on to college, or anything for that matter- you can come join the team over at Sloppy Joe’s. With our new state of the art two way headsets, you couldn’t go wrong.

Thank you, Mr. Postman
This was our first segment of a series of mysterious events. Join private eye Rodney McFearson as he adventures through Radioland to solve the unknown mysteries of the world.