FEBRUARY 28, 2015

In Other News

Hosts: Arina Filippenko and Kendall Stormo

My First Kiss

West Anchorage High School Student Katie Kirby with a story about her first kiss. She told this story at the Arctic Entries storytelling show in January. Here she is live on stage at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

Interview with DK Johnston of Sprocketheads-

ATMI Producers Jennica Lenamond and Francisco Martinez interviewed DK Johnston of Sprocketheads. DK is the Assistant Director and Production Manager. Sprocketheads is the state’s only high-end production services company. They work on feature films, commercials, network programming, documentaries, and music videos. Longer version to come.

February 2015 News

ATMI Producers Arina Filippenko and Kendall Stormo with some local news.

In Other News- February 28, 2015

Full broadcast of In Other News. The show was hosted by Kendall Stormo and Arina Filippenko, Francisco Martinez was the D.J. and Michael Stallworth provided events. The show featured an interview with D.K. Johnston of Sprocketheads and an Arctic Entries story from Katie Kirby.