FEBRUARY 28, 2004

In Other News
Host: Helen Fleming and Jessica Walters

Youth Raises Funds for Fire Victims
On the outside, Bobby Tulley is your average 11-year-old. He loves to play soccer, does well in school and excels at Irish dancing. But Tulley also likes to help others and make them happy. ATMI Reporter Melissa Smith tells his story!

Youth Uses Poetry to Help Others
Cullen Ray has overcome several complications and is now sharing his positive outlook with others. ATMI Reporter Kathryn Petros tells his story.

Studying to Heavy Metal
ATMI Reporter Amanda Krysinski drowns out the noise with a little heavy metal during study time!

Teen Marriage
ATMI Reporter Hellen Fleming talks to teens at her school about marriage. Some are engaged and some far from it, regardless they all have a take on the subject.